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divorce child custodyDomestic Relations deals with some issues that can be some of the most stressful aspects of a person’s life. When these matters arise, it is important to not only have an experienced advocate who knows the law, but also one who genuinely cares about how the outcomes affect the parties involved. We look at the big picture and evaluate how this emotional issue will affect our clients and the ones they love.

We strive to accomplish our clients’ goals. In some cases, this involves negotiated settlements with the other party, and in other cases, it is necessary to go to trial and fight for our clients. In either case, we listen to our clients’ wishes and goals and work hard every day for their best interests. Divorce is emotional – everything in your life may be disrupted – and you may be faced with many changes. We will be there to help you with the uncertainties. Let us help navigate your way.

Minnillo & Jenkins considers the end result to strive for the best outcome for the client and everyone connected to him OR her. Our domestic relations practice, led by Attorney Tim Morris, represents clients in the full range of domestic relations matters in Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, Butler and Brown Counties.

Divorce & dissolution are difficult subjects to discuss.  Here are some tips!
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Attorneys who practice in this area: Timothy J Morris

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