DUI / OVI and other traffic violation defense

DUI / OVI LawyerDUI, DWI, OVI, OMVI – these are all different names for driving under the influence, more commonly known as “drunk-driving.”

For many clients, their first concern is being able to drive again. When a person is charged with OVI or DUI and has refused a blood alcohol test, or has taken the test and tested over the legal limit, the right to operate a motor vehicle in Ohio is immediately suspended. This is called an Administrative License Suspension (ALS). A DUI lawyer can petition the court to 1) throw out the suspension, 2) stay the suspension, or 3) grant temporary limited driving privileges for work, school, medical, and family needs. Depending on whether a person has a prior DUI or a refusal of the blood alcohol test on their record, these privileges may be granted as soon as 15 days after the date of arrest.

Even if you tested over the “legal limit,” you may still be able to win your OVI/DUI case. There are many defenses available to clients who are alleged to have a test result over the legal limit. Defending a DUI case involves a combination of investigation, contesting the opinion of the arresting officer, and challenging a test. When you contact us, our OVI attorney will discuss and consider all appropriate options with you.

The law is constantly changing in the DUI/OVI and traffic violation arena but you can rest assured that our DUI lawyer is constantly keeping on top of the changes in law. David Gast prides himself with further educating himself to better represent you. David Gast, Cincinnati OVI lawyer, is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and certified to administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests under NHTSA (National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration) and IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police).